Bowfell MF Stove 316L Pack
Bowfell MF Stove 316L Pack

Bowfell MF Stove 316L Pack

Special Offer - Mi-Fire Bowfell MF Stove 316L Pack (Including Installation)
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These offers are subject to are terms and conditions:

Stoves must fit with building regulations if required to be wider chamber we can do this  do this for added  an cost.

Hearths have to be within building requirements

Chimneys must not exceed 10m of flue ling.

There  must be a chimney pot on the stack for the lining kits these can be fitted for and extra cost. 

All of this can be assessed on the day of your free quotation. 


1 x Mi-Fire Bowfell MF Stove
1 x 10m of Ø 125mm 316L Flexible Flue liner
1 x Reg.Plate (F) - 125-150mm - 900x495
1 x Euro-Vit 500mm Pipe- Ø 125mm
1 x Adaptor to S/W (MA) Economy - Ø 125mm
1 x Mi-FLEX Pot Hanging Cowl (Terracotta) - Ø 125mm